The all-new Vapor Pod System by Clic Vapor really is the best way to transport yourself into the future of vaping technology. Everyone has so many things going on in their day to days lives that their vaping hobby should be made to be as convenient, travel-friendly, and easy to use as possible. This Pod System will really make vaping an absolute breeze with its sleek design, high amount of functionality, and wonderful pod system that gets rid of having to struggle to pour juices into a tank without spilling and carrying around a bunch of other stuff along with you. Featuring an impressive 350mAh battery this device may be small but it’s very powerful. Just pick out which one of their delicious flavored pods that you want to use, install it, and go! The Clic is going to be your new best friend that comes along with you wherever you go.

WHY CLIC?: Clic was made for smokers that truly appreciate a satisfying experience and an alternative to cigarettes. Our specially formulated E-liquid was made to Satisfy so you won’t need to reach for that cigarette. Each pod is approximately equivalent to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes.

FULL FLAVOR: This Clic Vapor Pod Mod System will definitely make vaping an amazing experience. You will not need to worry about spilling the juices when pouring them into the tank or about carrying a lot of other things with you. Thanks to the functionality of this product you can pick out the favorite flavor pod, install it, and start vaping.

SATISFYING ALTERNATIVE:  Many products just don’t cut it. Clic was Specially designed to give instant satisfaction. Take a few puffs and enjoy it.

LONG LASTING: Unlike other products, Clic vaping pod system will last for a long time. One pod is equivalent to approximately 2 packs of cigarettes. It is lightweight and resistant so that you will not have to worry about breaking it. You can enjoy this device for as long as you want with no restrictions. Just give it a try and you will see how wonderful it works!

POWERFUL: This product may seem small but as a matter of fact it is really powerful. Featuring an impressive 350mAH battery it can control the temperature and charge very fast with the help of the micro USB. In addition, it is very easy to take it off and put it on. The Clic is ready to use when you are!

MODERN DESIGN: The design of this product is specially made for smokers. They have now the chance to pass their smoking habit to a completely new level. Vaping is the technology of the future since it is a more convenient and satisfying to regular smoking. Make your life easier with the help of this product

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Clic Vapor Battery System

د.إ170.00 د.إ100.00
Clic Vapor Battery System | e-cigarette IN DUBAI/UAE Clic Vapor Battery System, Discover the new Clic Vapor pod mod system!

Fresh mix pods by clic

د.إ85.00 د.إ60.00
Fresh mix pods by clic IN DUBAI/UAE CLIC FRESH MIX 1.5ML PODS bring an uplifting nicotine salt formulation to portable

Havana Pod by Clic Pods System

د.إ80.00 د.إ60.00
HAVANA POD BY CLIC PODS SYSTEM IN DUBAI/UAE Havana is a decadent infusion of ripened Havana accompanied by a fantastically

Honeydew Melon Pod BY CLIC

د.إ80.00 د.إ60.00
HONEYDEW MELON POD BY CLIC IN DUBAI/UAE Honey Dew Melon is an energizing and very sweet juicy honeydew melon from start to

Island man pods by clic

د.إ75.00 د.إ60.00
ISLAND MAN PODS BY CLIC IN DUBAI/UAE We’ve never surfed 25-foot waves on an ocean made of fruit punch, but

Minty Menthol Pod BY CLIC

د.إ80.00 د.إ60.00
MINTY MENTHOL POD BY CLIC IN DUBAI/UAE Minty Menthol is a refreshing sweet mint with a cooling menthol finish. Each Pod is

Muffin man pods by clic

د.إ70.00 د.إ60.00
MUFFIN MAN PODS BY CLIC IN DUBAI/UAE Juicy blueberry notes rest on a base of crumbly sweet-and-savory pastry. The Muffin


د.إ80.00 د.إ60.00
ORIGINAL RED POD BY CLIC IN DUBAI/UAE Classic Red Tobacco blends great for everyday use. Each Pod is Approximately 400 Puffs* 1.5ml

Peach Sunrise pods by clic

د.إ80.00 د.إ60.00
Peach Sunrise pods by clic in Dubai/UAE CliC Pods Peach Sunrise, Bright up your soul with sunrise lights and fresh

Pink Passion Pod by CLIC

د.إ80.00 د.إ60.00
Pink Passion Pod by CLIC in Dubai/UAE Pink Passion is a tropical fruit mix with a sour passion fruit at

The Man Pods by clic

د.إ70.00 د.إ60.00
The Man Pods by clic in Dubai/UAE CLIC The Man Pods in Dubai– One Hit Wonder pods are excellent creations

Tobacco passion mix pods by clic

د.إ85.00 د.إ60.00
Tobacco passion mix pods by clic in Dubai/UAE Clic Vapor – Refill Pods – Tobacco Passion Mix Include 4 Flavor