Ziip Pods in Dubai

Ziip pods are little pre-filled cartridges that work with the JUUL. They are priced slightly cheaper for a four-pack. They also hold a tad more juice with a capacity of 1.0 mL, versus the 0.7 mL capacity of the standard JUUL pods. Another benefit of these pods is that they now come in an entire range of nicotine salt strengths: 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5.0%, and 6.0%. That’s kind of a big deal, considering I have never seen anyone else offer that many options and nicotine-free pods for the JUUL. Now you can finally step your nicotine level down gradually with your JUUL device.

The original Ziip pods line featured 6 flavors: Mango, Tobacco, Mint, Watermelon, Cappuccino, and Strawberry Milk. Today they have a 26-flavor catalog, with some rare ones that you have probably never seen before for the JUUL—like Cinnamon Roll and Cheesecake. From what I recall, their Strawberry Cream and Mint were on point, but their Cappuccino was definitely not for me. Their pods were also prone to dry and burnt hits. It seems like they have recently updated their pods, so I’ll hope for the best.

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